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Cake Care

Cupcakes are packaged in boxes with lids cakes travel best on a flat surface such as inside a car boot rather than on a lap or front seat. Boxes should not be stacked and the air vent at top of box needs to be kept open at all times to prevent condensation  - this makes the icing sticky. CUPCAKES MUST NOT BE REFRIGERATED   -  keep them at room temperature, or if possible in air conditioning if weather is  especially humid.


We recommend cutting cakes with a sharp chefs knife for best results - rather than a serrated knife.


Cake Pricing

Cake pricing is based on both size and the artwork involved in their creation.

We have cakes to serve 12 people (stripe frangipanni, butterfly garden, present boxes) which start at $120.00

The average price of a cake to serve 30 people is $270.00


Customised and personalised cakes

such as the Lounge chairs with figures, magazines, sporting equipment, pets etc need to be quoted as we design these specifically for their recipient, depending on the level of detail a lounge cake to serve 35 costs around $370